Less Manual Work, More Productivity

May 11, 2021

The way companies sell to and buy from each other is fundamentally changing.  Companies who still rely heavily on manual and in-person order management processes have an urgent need to move those processes to technology if they want to grow and thrive in the new environment.

The problem is, moving from a manual to digital sales process has been too complex and costly for many companies, especially smaller ones who need it most. B2B sellers face the challenge of having to build and constantly upgrade their own digital selling environment versus focusing on their business. Or, they have to compromise with a turnkey solution that doesn’t have the functionality to meet their business needs.

We’re changing the playing field.

That’s where SABX comes in. SABX is moving B2B commerce to the market’s first digital “Seller and Buyer Xchange,” a lightweight platform that allows any size company to easily and affordably bring their existing manual B2B sales processes online and unlock opportunities for growth.

With SABX, B2B sellers have the opportunity to simplify how they go about making a sale. And B2B buyers have the opportunity to conduct their business on a single platform.

We offer a simple and guided path to get started.

Sellers can be set up with a fully functional environment in two day to two weeks, and buyers can sign up for their account in less than five minutes.  SABX empowers any size B2B company to move quickly and affordably to a complete digital process where sellers and buyers manage and track orders, invoices, payment and the communication associated with them from a private, central hub.

The SABX Seller and Buyer Xchange offers three pillars of service for B2B sellers and buyers: Connect, Commerce, and Care.

  • SABX Connect allows sellers and buyers to manage all communication directly through the SABX platform. Powerful tools, such as announcements and dynamic messaging, allow sales teams to reach more buyers than ever before.
  • SABX Commerce makes streamlined ecommerce tools, such as customized online stores, efficient order management, and convenient B2B payment options, available through user-friendly dashboards.
  • SABX Care provides best-in-class security, an easily accessible mobile app, and responsive issue resolution backed by the SABX Customer Care team.

And the expertise to inspire confidence.

John Zupo Nick Karapetian

SABX is the brainchild of CPG industry veterans John Zupo and Nick Karapetian. The two seasoned business leaders, motivated to fill the tech void for small and mid-size players in the CPG space, joined forces to build a solution capable of alleviating the burden of manual buying and selling. They have since developed an entire team dedicated to simplifying B2B selling and buying for their customers.

The SABX platform finally couples the unique functionality required for B2B, with the ease and efficiency of the consumer buying experience. In fact, it may be a little bit better.

Connect with SABX today to learn how simple B2B selling and buying can be.