SABX is Virtualizing B2B Commerce, Starting with the CPG Industry

We empower businesses with the digital tools they need to operate virtually.


We’re Working Tirelessly to Simplify Business

Designed for ease of use and ease of access, SABX is the only single, full-service solution where sellers and buyers can complete all interactions and transactions on one platform, from any device, in a fully encrypted, private and secure environment.

Our Story

Nick Karapetian and John Zupo founded SABX :: Seller and Buyer Xchange to simplify selling and buying processes for small and mid-sized CPG companies.

Nick Karapetian

Co-Founder and Chairman

John Zupo

Co-Founder and CEO

The idea for SABX began when the two first met at a business dinner in New York City. They quickly  discovered their shared experience as CPG industry veterans–and their shared frustration over the manual weight and noise that slowed down their teams. They talked for hours about their companies, about technology solutions they had implemented to automate pieces of their operation, each complex, and most falling short.

They challenged themselves right from the beginning to design a solution that would support the unique dynamics of B2B. Most importantly, they wanted to ensure that the end result would faciltate and empower their customers to do business in a completely digital environment.

The result is SABX :: Seller and Buyer Xchange. An easy-to-use platform that connects B2B sellers and buyers on one platform, where they have the intuitive digital tools they need to work simply, virtually, in a way that supports their existing business strategy.

We're here to simplify

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