Kierin-NYC Simplifies Wholesale Order Management with SABX

Order Management Efficiencies

  • Convenient online ordering for wholesale buyers
  • 100% digital order, communication and payment process
  • Ability to manage more orders with existing resources

Kierin-NYC, the fragrance brand with a clean and conscious ethos, is offering convenient online ordering to wholesale buyers nationwide.

Wholesale buyers nationwide can now order inventory of Kierin-NYC fragrances online, through the company’s public wholesale store, powered by SABX. 

A conscious thought leader, Mona is challenging the rules of the fragrance industry by creating products that are uncompromising, clean, green, toxin-free, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, PETA-certified 100% vegan and cruelty free. Kierin NYC works only with suppliers who share their sustainability philosophy and ethos.

Kierin NYC offers people of all ages, colors and nationalities the ability to enjoy the fine art of niche fragrance at an accessible price point and with a clean and conscious ethos. 

Let us know how SABX can help your business with order management automation.

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About Kierin-NYC

  • Female-founded and led niche perfumery

  • New York City centric, good vibes

  • High quality product at an affordable price

  • An artistic and inclusive gender-all brand

  • Sustainable products delivered in a socially responsible way

Top Retailer Benefits

  • Standout branding for strong shelf presence

  • Digitally savvy brand that works closely with retailers to socialize and promote products

  • Founder eager and willing to do interviews / podcasts to tag and promote retail partners

  • Convenient online ordering

Kierin NYC’s philosophy is a customer-centric approach to perfumery as a tech-forward, heart-centered company. We create premium quality, cruelty-free, toxin-free, vegan products using sustainably sourced ingredients. And we choose to offer a collection of high-quality products at accessible prices. I’m delighted to bring our fragrances to market in an expanded way using SABX.

Mona Maine de Biran, CEO & Co-Founder, Kierin-NYC

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