SABX Featured in Forbes Article

Apr 11, 2022

SABX was recently featured in a Forbes article by Senior Contributor John Hall. The article, titled, “If You’re Serious About Scaling Your Business, Get Serious About Sales Order Automation,” explains how SABX is helping companies “move towards digitally integrated selling and buying.”

Hall describes the sales and order management challenge this way:

“In any size company, sellers receive manual orders many ways:  by phone, fax, email or during meetings with sales reps. For every manual order, a sales or customer support rep has to verify the order detail, calculate discounts, shipping fees, and re-enter information multiple times: into tracking spreadsheets, accounting software and packing lists.

The overall process results in wasted employee time spent correcting errors, incorrect or delayed deliveries, lost profits, billing errors, strained customer relationships and even lost business.”

Embracing digital tools, such as those offered by SABX, can solve for all of this.

Hall says when companies transition to a cloud-based, self-serve selling and buying environment, they and their customers experience a win-win. Both can realize efficiency of up to 80% as they:

  • Digitally integrate selling and buying activities,
  • Automate routine data entry tasks,
  • Eliminate costly order errors,
  • Automatically capture two-way communication throughout the sales order process,
  • And automatically track order activity from start to finish. 

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