Ready to Ramp Up Sales? Choose the Right B2B Ecommerce Solution for Your Business

Aug 13, 2021

If you’re looking for an online B2B commerce solution for your business, you’re on the right track!

For these reasons and more, online B2B and wholesale commerce solutions are in demand, and you have many choices. Here are a few questions to ask as you look for the best solution for your business (along with a few reasons we suggest our own solution, SABX :: Seller and Buyer Xchange, is the one you should choose).

Is the solution B2B-first?

To capitalize on the growing needs of B2B-focused companies, many B2C (retail) platform providers are claiming to offer strong B2B and wholesale solutions as well.

Here at SABX, B2B commerce has been our focus from the get-go. We’re a B2B-first provider whose team understands the complex requirements of B2B and wholesale selling and buying.

Is online B2B commerce the provider’s core solution?

Some companies offer online B2B commerce functionality as a bonus feature of another solution, such as customer relationship management, inventory management or accounting software. That usually means it will offer a limited set of the selling capabilities your business actually needs.

SABX puts B2B sales transactions front and center and understands your pain points better than those who are focused on other core offerings.

What’s the timeline for implementation?

Traditionally, moving your B2B sales to a sophisticated online solution would have taken months, even years.

SABX is designed to make it easy for you to self-onboard and build your own online catalog and e-commerce storefronts, no coding required. If you’d like our help, ask about our Up and Running Fast services. The SABX Customer Care team will get your e-commerce storefronts up and running in as few as 14 days. We can even onboard and invite your buyers, and you are ready to go.

Will internal staff be needed to manage the transition?

Many businesses—especially smaller companies—can’t afford to shift talent away from their current responsibilities to get a new solution up and running. After all, one of the reasons for adopting the new technology is to ease, not add to, the existing workload.

With SABX, you’ll have ongoing support from highly skilled people who can guide and support your business as you move from manual to digital sales processes.

What about cost?

There are many different cost models out there. From the high upfront and ongoing cost of a self-built environment, to complex pay-as-you go or contract-based cost structures.

At SABX, buyer accounts are always free, and our pricing for seller accounts is affordable, transparent and up-front.

Ready to Ramp Up Your B2B and Wholesale Sales?

SABX is a B2B commerce platform where manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors manage and track orders, communication and payment online. No coding required.Get in touch now to get started with SABX! SABX is a complete, flexible solution that brings the latest digital commerce and collaboration technology to your sales team and your buyers, allowing you to manage all of your B2B and wholesale sales activity from one place. We’re here to unlock new opportunities for your business and help you become a more competitive supplier in a world that’s going digital.