Momentum is Everything: How to Increase B2B Sales Effectiveness with SABX

Jul 22, 2021

Today’s B2B and wholesale sales teams face an unpredictable post-pandemic economy and fundamentally shifted rules for how sellers and buyers interact. B2B sales have always been complex to manage, and the new reality makes the usual sales goals even more challenging to achieve. To increase B2B sales effectiveness amid the challenges and opportunities created by change, what’s a high-performing sales team to do?

Advance a Digital-First Approach

The Gartner Future of Sales 2025 report predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels. Buying preferences have permanently changed, and the role of sellers will have to change with them. Buyers want the ease and convenience of interacting online with their suppliers, and sales teams must be able to sell to them everywhere they expect to engage, interact and transact.

Getting to that point requires habit changing, and old habits die hard, especially in a B2B and wholesale environment. The good news is, SABX offers affordable, low-risk solutions that allow sales teams to quickly offer the kinds of digital, always-on interactions their buyers prefer.

Momentum is Everything

SABX allows you to immediately advance a digital-first sales approach by moving forward in “bites.” In fact, a recent McKinsey article recommends that companies select a digital solution, get it into users’ hands quickly, and let them start using it to generate value—and by the same token, let them get excited about it.

[Advancing digital innovation in bites] delivers business value and creates supporters quickly, which generates self-perpetuating momentum for the digital transformation. And as we have seen, momentum is everything.”

McKinsey & Company

Here at SABX, we provide support for clients who are taking this approach. Our customer care team is on standby to guide your team with set up services and ongoing support to ensure your digital journey is smooth and efficient. What’s more, SABX doesn’t require high up-front cost or capital expenditure to get started, so going digital can be a low-cost, low-risk opportunity.

Form Even More Personal Customer Relationships

It’s important to note that “digital-first” does not mean a never-in-person or an impersonal approach. It’s about empowering people, teams and customers to get their work done when and where it’s best for them. When you do this for your customers, you become a more competitive supplier.

Here at SABX, our goal has always been to simplify B2B by putting your business in the palm of your hand. That’s why our solution includes a free mobile app for every user—one for iPhone and one for Android—and allows sellers and buyers to move work seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile and back, at their convenience. This mobility and ease of access has the power to bring your sales team as close to your B2B and wholesale customers as they are to friends and family members who are always just a text away.

What’s The Endgame?

In the end, digital-first B2B selling and buying should allow you to manage your B2B and wholesale sales from one place, with endless opportunities for growth. The goal is to harness the power of digital technology to reinvent the business in ways that put people and customers first, to create seamless interactions with them. Companies need a solution that complements salespeople and sales teams, rids them of low-value tasks, boosts their productivity and brings them closer to customers than they can be today. SABX was built to do just that.

Let’s talk about how SABX :: Seller and Buyer Xchange can empower your team to become more connected, more productive and more effective sellers in a world that’s going digital. We’re here to help!