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SABX digital Xchange offers a simple, streamlined solution for advancing order interaction and transaction processes and gaining significant selling efficiencies and cost savings. 


When you manage buyer transactions and interactions through your SABX custom stores, you gain 100% control of pricing and margins, real-time direct communication with buyers; and clean, actionable data on their buying decisions and activity.


Boost selling efficiency, reduce operating expenses and gain direct insight into buyer decisions and activity — with SABX digital Xchange.

Interaction PLATFORM

  • Create public and private stores with ease and reduce operating expenses

  • Fully control pricing and promotion

  • Define store-specific and item-specific order requirements

  • Use your own distribution options

  • Offer flexible payment processes

  • Sell with a tool that accommodates your complete business strategy


  • Create unlimited connections with buyers

  • Communicate pricing, promotions, programs with one click

  • Manage all sales-related communication through one platform

  • Capture topic- and store-related records of buyer communication

  • Give buyers a tool for getting information right when they need it

You Don't Need Tech Support


Getting Started is Easy!

• Create your seller account

• Customize the SABX app for your company

• Connect with buyers

• Build stores and/or connect an existing
  ecommerce website

• Choose payment processing options

• Communicate in real time with your buyers

• Process orders and receive payment